LedgerLocker Security Overview

Data Security and Encryption:

  • All back-ups are stored in Amazon S3 storage and encryped using 256-bit RSA before being sent to Amazon S3.
  • Data is transmitted using a secured SSL (HTTPS) enabled server.
  • LedgerLocker uses a unique encryption key for each individual back-up. These keys are stored separately and securely.

User Credentials:

  • LedgerLocker uses OAuth, the industry standard, for permission based access for Quickbooks Online, Xero and Dropbox. This standard eliminates the need of LedgerLocker storing your user credentials for the listed software.
  • You can revoke OAuth permissions at any time.

Data Access:

  • Internal LedgerLocker employees do not have access to customer data. We have limited number of core team members that have access based on a "need to know" policy for problem solutions.

Data Retention:

  • All back-up data is retained on our servers as long as you maintain your LedgerLocker subscription. If you choose to cancel your subscription, your data will be removed from our archives within 4 weeks.