Discover the "Back-up System"

PROVEN to keep Your Quickbooks Online & Xero Data


Introducing LedgerLocker

The ONLY data back-up system for Quickbooks Online & Xero

Founded and Created by a CPA

Simply connect

your QBO or Xero account

Point to your


Schedule your


Now you have a secure encrypted copy of your

QUICKBOOKS ONLINE or XERO data in your Dropbox for you to keep.

Why 'BACKING-UP' your

accounting data IS vital

  • You have LOCAL ACCESS to your data (outside of the Quickbooks or Xero Cloud
  • A new integration doesn't work as planned
  • Access to data even if the company closes
  • Risk Management
  • Ownership and Control
  • For SECURITY - if your file is HACKED or compromised

LedgerLocker will also securely store an additional back-up copy of

your encrypted data on our secure servers for safe keeping.

How LedgerLocker Secures

And Protects Your Data


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