LedgerLocker's FAQ

Back-up on a schedule or manually to your Dropbox

Why is back-ups important?

​Your data is valuable. You have expended time and money into creating it. You will expend money and time trying to re-create it; sometimes it can’t even be re-created. Back-ups are a way to protect your investment in your data. By keeping several copies, especially in different formats, it is less important if one copy is destroyed.

But QBO and Xero have back-up in place.. Why do I need my own?

​Quickbooks Online and Xero both have data back-up and recovery capabilities. Why backup? The reason is really very simple. The back-up and recovery is for the service provider’s disaster. In other words, in almost every situation, their back-up will not help you if an user importing hundreds or thousands of incorrectly dated invoices.

​It can only be used for internal recovery and generally is not available for your data recovery.

How safe is my data?

All data is encrypted using 256-bit RSA before it is transmitted using a secured SLL (HTTPS) enabled server. Which means you backed up data is completely secure. No one can access the contents of your file.​

Where is my data stored?

You have a copy of the backed-up data in your Dropbox. As well as this, LedgerLocker also stores a copy of your back-up on Amazon S3 servers located in the United States.​